5 Simple Steps to Make an Insurance Claim for Your Roofing System

5 Simple Steps to Make an Insurance Claim for Your Roofing System

Nowadays we experience some rather wacky weather patterns that can affect your roofing system; there have been unexpected snowstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and hail. Since you can’t always predict what Mother Nature will bring, it is smart to take precautions and be knowledgeable about how to make an insurance claim for your roofing system. The following five simple steps will guide you through the process so that you’re prepared in the event that damage to your roofing system does occur.

1. Forget the Eye of the Storm – Keep your Eye on the Damage!

If your town experiences a severe storm or other weather condition, try not to panic. It is crucial to begin assessing damages as quickly as possible, and you must remain calm to do so. Carefully use a ladder to examine your roofing system for any potential damage. If you locate any, be sure to take pictures of your roof system to show your insurance agent. In addition, write down the date the damage occurred so that you have it for your records.

2. Call a Roofing Contractor

Once you’ve located damage on your roofing system, it is time to call a qualified contractor to come assess your home and provide you with an estimate regarding how much it will cost to fix. This should take the roofing contractor about 15 minutes for minimal damage and longer if it is more severe. Be sure to ask the contractor is they think you should file a claim with your insurance company. It is smart to contact several different roofing contractors to ensure they are arriving at similar estimates. Remember to always get these estimates in writing.

3. Smile – It’s Time to File!

Now it is time to file the claim with your insurance company. When you speak to them, tell them when the damage to your roofing system occurred and offer to send pictures. While the insurance company is going to send their own representative to your home, you should still offer to provide them with the estimates from your roofing contractors so that they have all the information upfront.

4. Meet with the Adjuster

After you filed the claim with your insurance company, you will be asked to meet with an adjuster at your home so that they can assess the damage to your roof. If at all possible, you should definitely have one of your original roofing contractors present when the adjuster is there. This way, they can compare notes and make sure their measurements and estimates are the same. Once they agree with each other, you should be provided with the settlement amount.

5. Get the Show on the Road: Repair the Damage to your Roofing System

After your claim has been approved, you should complete any necessary work as soon as possible. If you were approved for the full amount, your insurance company will mail you a check for said amount, less the deductible, so the work on your roof can be completed. If you were not approved for the full amount, you have the option to ask your contractor to dispute the settlement.

Now, that wasn’t so scary, was it? Well, not as scary as having a storm hit your roofing system and not knowing what to do!



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