Roofing – Don’t Wait For The Storm



Roofing – Don’t Wait For The Storm


Be sure to have a roofing inspection done on your home when buying or selling, before storm season, and after any storm that sustained damage in areas near your property.
For any of you who live in natural disaster prone areas such as our country’s coasts, home maintenance and repair companies are aplenty, and while it is certainly suggested to have your roof inspected after a storm, regular maintenance is something that many homeowner’s overlook.

In the real estate market, roofing and its quality is a major selling point. As an owner who has a house on the market for sell, it would behoove you to host a pre-inspection. Hire a company to crawl on top of your home and give you a guarantee.
This will disclose to prospective buyers the age of the roof, and it will promise that the materials in place will last for a set amount of time in regular weather conditions. No inspection will guarantee that a home will not be damaged in a natural disaster.

If you are looking to buy a home, know that this is one of the largest maintenance expenses of owning a home. Look for a newer roof adorned with strong materials known to withstand the regional weather, and if the seller cannot provide a guarantee, then hire an inspection yourself.
If the roofing inspection discovers immediate repairs or prospective replacements or will not guarantee the home’s covering, then you have a bargaining tool. You can insist that the seller come down the price in order to save you money for upcoming repairs, or you can retract any bid from the home until the repairs are made at the expense of the seller.

Areas prone to hurricanes, hail storms, windstorms or other natural disasters are areas where roofing preventative maintenance can pay. As storm season approaches, especially if this is your fist season in the area, it can be helpful to call a professional company to inspect your home.

Securing gutters, sealing vents, reinforcing materials, and checking for other prospective dangers can save you further damage in the eye of the storm, but most of all it will save you time. If you wait to make repairs after the disaster, you will be in a long line of customers awaiting a service that just doubled in cost, and you will be prone to the dishonesty non-reputable companies riding on the tails of disaster.

Lastly, even if your home was not visibly damaged in a disaster, have someone provide an inspection. A lot of roofing damage cannot be seen from the ground perspective, and insurance claims will be difficult if too much time has elapsed; you could find yourself absorbing the expense of storm damage that your insurance company will deem as normal wear and tear.

In short, your home’s roof is a major investment that should be protected as such. It shelters you, your family, and all of your belongings, and you should be preemptive about protecting it.


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