Truth About Roofing Leaks

Planning to spruce up the exterior of your home this Spring? One of the best ways to give your home a fresh renovation is to update your roof. According to the design experts, the roof of your home represents up to 40% of the overall curb appeal. By installing new
that complements the existing design, you can make your home stand out among all the others in the neighborhood.

The design of the roof plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty and style of the home’s exterior. Unfortunately, selecting a color and style can be complicated. To make your selection process easier, we recommend integrating your landscaping in your decision. This will help you create a stronger connection between your home and the outside. Consider these simple tips when choosing a new roof:


Start by connecting your roof color with the prominent colors in your landscape. For example, if you have stone pavers that include a gray , they can easily pick up the hue of metallic gray in your slate roofing. Your planting arrangement is also important, as it can allow you to blend colors. Turf grass, for example, can pick up the color of dark-toned roofs.


 If your roof has a prominent pattern, make it the focal point to create a connection. Tall palm trees around the home can accentuate the vertical seams of a metal roof. Whereas horizontal asphalt shingles, can work well with brick or stone siding.

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