When Is The Best Time For Help With Your Roof?



When Is The Best Time For Help With Your Roof?


Roof repair and replacement are serious aspects of home ownership. As homeowners, it is your responsibility to make sure your roof is in good repair and ready for any season or storm. The biggest challenges homeowners face is failing to properly maintain their roof or check the roof prior to any major event, such as a season change or storm. Before you end up a victim of poor roof care, prepare your roof for the following conditions:

Change In Seasons

People tend to pay very little attention to their roof until they notice a leak or visible problem with the roof. Unfortunately, by this time it may be too late. People should inspect their roof at least twice a year for any problems or potential problems.

The best time to check your roof is in the spring and fall. Checking your roof in the springtime will ensure your roof is up to par to endure those high temperature and drought conditions. Climates that reach extreme heat and/or suffer from drought conditions are vulnerable to bending and cracking in roof materials. As the temperatures rise, the roof shingles expand and become more flexible, making it harder to see damaged or missing roof materials.

It is also important to check your roof in the fall to prepare it for the winter months. Many roofers are busiest in the fall months as people tend to notice damage from the summer months around this time. They also may be worried about how the snow and ice will affect their roof quality. Cold temperatures and wintry conditions can take a toll on the roof. The problem is that if there is any damage to the roof prior to the snow or ice, it will be nearly impossible to fix until the snow or ice melts.

Severe Weather Event

Many people are quick to check their roof after a big storm as evidence of the roof damage may be on the ground. You may see shingles or flashing laying on the ground from high winds, or may have even heard the damage being done while inside the home. In either case, checking your roof after a storm is a good idea, but it isn’t the only time to check for damage.

What you may not know is that your insurance company may not cover the costs to have your roof repaired if there is any question as to the integrity of the roof prior to the storm. In other words, if you failed to properly maintain your roof or prevent further damage, your insurance company may deny your claim. It is a good idea to check your roof prior to a major storm to ensure the roof is in good repair, that way any damage that is done is likely to be the result of the storm not due to negligence. Taking a picture of your roof prior to a storm can help support your insurance claim in the event you need to seek coverage for roof repair.


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