Your Roof Is Hiding Something From You



Your Roof Is Hiding Something From You


One of the funniest things I’ve ever heard was a client tell me that they didn’t need a new roof because they checked it out already. After asking several questions I found out that they meant checked it out by looking at the roof from the ground.
The problem that you get with this is you can’t really see what kind of damage your roof may have had. I recently have the experience of inspecting a roof for a couple whose husband had done just what I’ve stated.

Not only had he checked out the roof but he went so far as the walked out in the street to get a better view of the shingle. The only way you can ever see true damage on a shingle from a hailstorm is by getting on top of the roof and looking down for some strange reason the way shingles are designed damage only shows up from the perspective of looking down on the shingle.
There are some instances where the storm damage is so obvious you can see it from the ground up, however you do not know the true extent of the damage until you get up on the roof and see exactly what is damaged.

The reason why this is important to you as the consumer is this. Insurance companies will give you two years to file a claim on a hailstorm after two years the damage that is on that roof is no longer claimable and the home owner is responsible for making the repairs.
The other issue that you can run into is if you don’t have your roof inspected and get proper repairs you can also have further damage to your roof i.e. insulation can get damaged because you have links the wood decking or your rafters could be damaged because of leaks or you can get mold which is a whole other conversation so the necessity to get your roof inspected is very important you do not want to be the guy or gal who says I did not need a roof only to find out that you didn’t need a roof and you have to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket so it is my recommendation that you have went through a hailstorm the best thing you can do for yourself and your own peace of mind, is to let an expert look at your roof. So you see your roof can hide lots of things including possible financial problems, if you don’t get an expert to look at it.


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